Young Drivers Car Insurance Northern Ireland

Young drivers in Northern Ireland are statistically much more likely to be involved in an expensive car accident than their older counter part. This is a definitive fact.

So it doesn't matter how careful you personally know you can drive, the reality is that when a young driver approaches a car insurance company looking for an insurance quote, the insurance company will view you as a HUGE risk. As many as one in FOUR young drivers in NI are statistically expected to be involved in a serious car insurance accident in their first year of driving.

Just when you get to the age where you want your independence, you have successfully passed your driving test, and you have even managed to get a great deal on a second hand car, you are still not out of the box until you have your car insurance sorted out!
Given the statistical reality and the concomitant higher premiums, it is all the more important for young drivers in Northern Ireland to avail of every tip and guide in the book to keep their insurance premiums to a minimum.

Shopping Around

It is difficult to put a specific figure on it, but shopping around for car insurance will typically reduce your premiums by about 30% (when compared to the first quote you receive). Now, for a 45 year old female doctor driving a 2004 Nissan Micra and currently paying £300/year for insurance, this 30% savings represents a saving of just £90. BUT, for the young 17 year old male who wants to drive a respectable car, your typical first quote could easily be £2500. Shaving 30% of this could result in potential savings of £750. Now let’s imagine you spend 5 hours shopping around for the cheapest car insurance - that amounts to a relative earning of a whooping £150 per hour!!! And these are not 'pie in the sky' figures we are using here - these are real world examples demonstrating the benefits of shopping around when searching for cheaper young driver car insurance in Northern Ireland.

For young drivers, we would recommend that for your first couple of years, you should consider a lower power, and not so new motor. Not only will this reduce the premium, but it will also make the 'third party fire and theft' insurance cover option more attractive - thereby saving you even more money. Third Party Fire and Theft cover allows you to claim for damage to other vehicles in the event of an accident, but not your own vehicle.

Getting cheap car insurance for young drivers in Northern Ireland is not easy – but take our advice, drive very carefully, NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE, and within a few years, you will see your insurance premiums dropping down to more acceptable levels.