Boat insurance in Northern Ireland

Boat insurance costs can vary even more than car or motorbike insurance, so shopping around for the best quote is all the more important. Insuring your boat and home together could save you 10 - 15% on your premium.   Be sure, however, that the coverage for your boat is specifically tailored to cover your needs.

The following tips may help you find the best quote for Boat insurance in northern Ireland:

Higher excess level (the amount of a claim that you have to pay) will normally mean a lower premium, however if you are unfortunate enough to have to make a claim it will cost you more.

No claims discount
Insurance companies reward careful individuals with no-claims discounts. Give a detailed account of your history. If this is your first insurance, find a company that offers competitive rates to individuals seeking insurance for the first time.

Special Groups (e.g. Women only)
Women are statistically safer than men. As a result, some companies offer lower premiums to females.

Most companies give the option of either paying all your premium in one go or making monthly payments for a small extra charge.

As with all british waterways, third party boat insurance is required as an absolute minimum when using your boat in northern Ireland.